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This is something I only recently learned. Not from this .jpg, which popped up on fandomsecrets, but from a fanfiction I read about a month or two ago.

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Hotel California
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    Introduction to Better-Safe
    sbp tulips


    Sex is one of those things which, if you’re doing it – or if you want to do it – you should be able to talk about it. Schools and parents usually provide some amount of sex education, but there are inevitably things they don’t include. As for other sources of information, the Internet is a big place, full of both things that are accurate and things that are not – on every topic imaginable, not just sex. One of the best ways to learn is to talk to other people. Talk to partners, talk to friends, and fact-check what you know. Use your common sense.

    This community is a place to ask questions and discuss topics relating to sex, particularly safe sex, whether you are interested for yourself, for a friend, or for something you are writing.

    If you have questions about basic sex education or sexual heath (ex. if you want to know more about the use of lube, condoms, or dental dams), ask them here. Or if you want to discuss a particular kink, or the best way to write a blowjob without it sounding like every other blowjob you’ve written, post here, and see what other people have to say. You might be surprised at the responses you get.

    So, whether you’re here for practical, real life purposes, or because you are trying to do research to become a better writer, or because you’re just curious, you are welcome here. Cliché it might be, but it’s still true: better safe than sorry.

    Membership to the community is open, but posting is restricted and screened. If you would like posting access, please contact one of the moderators (citrus_vanille or murderofonerose).


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