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People should probably know this.
Hotel California
murderofonerose wrote in better_safe
This is something I only recently learned. Not from this .jpg, which popped up on fandomsecrets, but from a fanfiction I read about a month or two ago.

The fic that I learned this from was making fun of the fact that people tend to not realize this. One of the characters was really worried, because girls would see him with his pants down and freak out - and he was kind of dumb, so he honestly didn't know if there was something wrong with him or not. Turns out he'd just never been circumcised. The discussion that followed in the comments was pretty interesting.

I tried to find it again, but I can't. It's somewhere on capslokdethklok, but that's a busy place.

Apparently, babies born in American hospitals are automatically circumcised unless their parents request otherwise. (The Greeks and their gymnasiums probably have something to do with this, in my opinion.) I don't know about other places.


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